Selamat membaca . Software Akuntansi Laporan Keuangan Terbaik Indonesian Rights Activists Challenge to Intelligence Law Ezra Sihite & Keyko Ranti Ramadhani | Jan 06, 2012 Quote: Human rights groups and advise immunity advocates filed a change at the Constitutional Court on weekday to contest the disputable newborn Intelligence Law. “The accumulation not exclusive threatens citizens’ rights for aggregation and immunity of the advise but also has the possibleness for abuses of noesis and another manlike rights violations,” Independent Journalist Alliance (AJI) chair Eko Maryadi said on Thursday. Eko said that the accumulation is filled with articles unstoppered to binary interpretation, including the lax definition of secretive info in article 1, which he said violates and overrides the Law on Public Freedom of Information, passed threesome eld before the Intelligence Law. The article defines “intelligence secrets” as “information that could threaten domestic security” but provides no boost account as to what it is. “This is a dangerous article for journalists, because it criminalizes the broad of unstoppered welfare information,” he said. Eko additional that the media has the obligation to monitor, manage and notice the government, but that persona module presently be a malefactor offense, since the polity has the noesis to adjudge huffy aggregation as info secrets. The AJI is petitioning the Constitutional Court to analyse the accumulation alongside manlike rights guardian Imparsial, the Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy (Elsam) and the Asiatic Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI). The groups argue that the accumulation violates people’s essential rights to obtain aggregation and essay the breakup of 13 articles in the law, which they feature should be understandably defined. The accumulation also states that anyone institute to hit leaked categorised aggregation attendant to domestic defense, the country’s uncolored resources, economics or planetary persuasion and relations before the 20-year punctuation of confidentiality expires could grappling malefactor charges. Human rights groups criticized the accumulation when it was unanimously passed by the House of Representatives in Oct terminal year. The law, rights groups said, would provide more noesis to the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) and info units exclusive the police, expeditionary and prosecutors’ offices, but would do null to secure that info officers had to attitude the accumulation and manlike rights, be apolitical, chorus from attractive in clannish businesses or impact impartially and indiscriminately. Under the law, grouping who access and move huffy accumulation crapper grappling up to heptad eld in slammer or a Rp 300 meg ($33,000) fine. The info agencies crapper also guardian sound conversations and the line of assets of anyone deemed a danger to domestic section or mayhap geared in terrorism, separatism, espionage or sabotage. Under the law, the BIN and another agencies also hit noesis over foreigners or external institutions thinking to verify Asiatic citizenship, or visit, work, think or unstoppered an duty in the country. ini anak - anak ga tau BIN itu apa ya :bingung Jual Mobil Murah . Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik . Harga Notebook .
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