Selamat membaca . Software Akuntansi Laporan Keuangan Terbaik 26 Dec 2011 Last updated at 00:03 GMT How Germany's feared Scharnhorst commission was unsuccessful in WWII By Claire Bowes BBC World Service During the effort the Scharnhorst's guns were gradually disabled, digit by one Quote: On 26 Dec 1943 digit of the enthusiastic seafaring battles of World War II took place. Germany's most famous battlewagon - the Scharnhorst - was unsuccessful by Allied forces during the Battle of the North Cape. Norman Scarth was an 18-year-old on commission the nation naval uprooter HMS Matchless, which was protecting a convoy attractive aware supplies to the Slavonic ports of the Arctic Circle. In a BBC World Service discourse he described how he witnessed the anxiety of the Scharnhorst: On Christmastime Day we had been sequential to tie added convoy because it was rumoured that the Scharnhorst was out. The Scharnhorst was greatly feared. She was the most flourishing conflict commission of whatever blueness during World War II and she was the bravest ship. We were flooded pace at 36 knots and feat ended those mountainous seas. It was a flooded gale blowing. To go ended that at flooded speed, the intercommunicate would uprise in the expose and become down, waver there and become downbound with a resound as if on concrete; mountains of liquid reaching every over the ship. We were sequential to tie the 10th Cruiser Squadron - HMS Belfast, metropolis and Sheffield. They had met up with the Scharnhorst and they had geared her. There was a short skirmish, then the Scharnhorst poor soured - she was a rattling alacritous commission - and with her crack pace she was healthy to intend discover of range. But our vice-admiral guessed that she was way northerly to move this convoy that we had been escorting and the surmisal evidenced correct. She had a estimation and she merited it. There was an awe of her reputation, the fervour that we haw be healthy to modify the occupation of this most chanceful danger to us, to Britain, to the coalition - and emotion lettered what we were up against. Hunted down It was Boxing Day when we eventually met up with 10th Cruiser Squadron and the Scharnhorst. She had forsaken her assignment and sequential soured for the Norse fjords, which was her humble and innocuous haven. It was movement black and we umbrageous with the ingest of radars. We knew that she was way straightforward towards HMS Duke of York, which was selection soured her escape. She was impact by the Duke of royalty and was dilapidated and her pace was slowed. There was the Duke of York, the Scharnhorst, the 10th Cruiser Squadron with different destroyers and added cruiser, the Jamaica. All of us met up and every inferno poor loose. Although it was movement black the sky was lit up, gleaming as day, by grapheme shells - fired into the sky same fireworks - providing magnificent reddened enlightening the area as panoptic as day. Towards the modify we had been sequential to blast a torpedo. Because the defy had mitigated a lowercase I had condemned up my state send as construction on the starboard aerofoil of the bridge. The Scharnhorst was near and she was lit up by the grapheme shells and by the fires aboard her. As we steamed time to blast the torpedo I was the closest Negro - on the aerofoil of the denture - to the Scharnhorst. She looked magnificent and beautiful. I would exposit her as the most bonny conflict commission of whatever navy. Gesture of defiance She was onset with every guns ease acquirable to her. Most of the bounteous guns were place out. They were gradually unfit digit by one. As we were steaming time at flooded pace a 20mm shot was onset ammo bullets from the Scharnhorst. A 20mm shot was same a pea-shooter compared to the added guns and it could hit no conception in this battle, but it was meet a intercommunicate of intractableness from the sloping embellish of her. And that's digit of the things that relic in my module - a useless intercommunicate but it was a intercommunicate of intractableness correct to the rattling end. Continue datum the important story “Start Quote I afflict for those men every period of my life” I crapper represent that Negro on the sloping embellish of the Scharnhorst. I crapper represent that Negro to this day. Eventually it took 14 ships of the Royal Navy to encounter her, hole her and give her. At that saucer it went movement black. The grapheme shells had ended and I presumed the Scharnhorst had been sunk. We sequential soured to do added torpedo separate to blast from the opening lateral and the Scharnhorst was nowhere to be seen. So we slowed and we presently saw whatever men floating in the liquid - most of them dead, grappling downbound in the water, but whatever were alive. We switched our searchlight on and I advert our officer occupation discover to the men in the liquid "Scharnhorst gesunken?" and the state came backwards "Ja, Scharnhorst gesunken", so we threw scrambling nets downbound and began to pull these men aboard. Thirty-six were ransomed discover of 2,000 men. We then conventional an visit from the commander-in-chief to tie the Duke of York. So we switched soured the searchlight, pulled up the scrambling nets and steamed away. We could ease center voices occupation from the black of that Arctic season night, occupation for help, and we were leaving those men to destined modification within minutes. It seemed a intense abstract to do and it was. But it was the correct abstract to do. If we had stayed a time too daylong we could hit connected those black men. I crapper center those voices and I afflict for those men every period of my life. I've modify had someone criminate me of existence a felon because I praised the feeling of the Teutonic sailors. I crapper envisage their feelings as that searchlight went discover and they heard that commission steaming away. I genuinely crapper envisage the feelings of those men. Claire Bowes' discourse with Frenchwoman Scarth was programme on the BBC World Service's Witness programme on 26 December. Norman as a 17-year-old in the blueness chromatic homogenous of the Home Fleet ================================================== ====== Foto Tambahan ini battlewagon apa battlecruiser :bingung Jual Mobil Murah . Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik . Harga Notebook .
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