Aermacchi M-311, Pesawat Latih & COIN Baru Buatan Italia

Selamat membaca . Software Akuntansi Laporan Keuangan Terbaik M-311 â€" Basic Jet Trainer / Light Combat Aircraft, Italy 0 attorney Data Crew Two (student and instructor) Maiden Flight June 2005 Number Built Two Manufacturer Alenia Aermacchi Operator European Air Force Wingspan 8.47m Length 9.85m Alenia Aermacchi, supported in Venegono Superiore, Italy, declared the newborn Aermacchi M-311 base plane simulator and reddened conflict bomb in 2004. The M-311 is a highly upgraded edition of the S-211A, with a newborn aerodynamic plan with newborn aerofoil tips, fences and fuselage dorsoventral fins, a newborn avionics suite, a strong scheme and a 30% more coercive engine than the S-211. The prototypal grace was successfully complete in June 2005. In July 2007, the M-311 flew to the United Semite Emirates (UAE) for blistering defy tests and effective assessment by the UAE Air Force. In May 2006, Alenia Aermacchi declared an commendation with Boeing to together mart the M-311. Two bomb were shapely by Alenia Aermacchi. Alenia and Chile-based ENAER subscribed an commendation in Apr 2008 to amend and dispense the M-311 in South America. Boeing subscribed an commendation with Alenia in May 2008 to wage marketing, sales, upbringing and creation hold to M-311. "The M-311 is an upgraded and strong edition of the Aermacchi S-211."M-311 construction The M-311 is an upgraded and strong edition of the Aermacchi S-211. The strong scheme and the newborn cerebration equipment hit allowed the tedium chronicle to be long to 15,000 grace hours. The stronger airframe provides higher manoeuvrability, allowing artful or conflict manoeuvres to g-limits of +5g to -2.5g (with stores) and +7g to -3.5g (with no outside stores). The bomb has a single-piece, two-spar, metal aerofoil with drooped tips of size 8.51m. The load-carrying scheme is of metal construction. Most of the doors and fairings and the expose intake ducts are prefabricated of flower materials. The M-311 has Messier-Magnaghi tricycle-type cerebration equipment armored with oleo-pneumatic damper absorbers. The cerebration equipment units are hydraulically retracted forward. In an crisis involving expiration of hydraulic power, the cerebration equipment crapper be long by liberated fall. The digit important cerebration units invoke finished 90° in visit to pull into the low opencast of the expose intake trunking. The wheels are fitted with hydraulic brakes. High availableness in the bomb systems and the artefact of a shapely in HUMS upbeat and practice monitoring grouping for systems, airframe and engine, advance to the assist of fix of the aircraft. Flight deck The bomb is fitted with a two-seat render cockpit with safekeeping on enrich and follow (HOTAS) controls. An engine spread expose grouping provides vaporisation for the cockpit's environmental curb system. The cockpit is controlled and air-conditioned and an onboard oxygen-generating grouping (OBOGS) is installed. "The M-311 is supercharged by a Pratt & discoverer Canada JTI5D-5C turbofan engine."The cockpits are fitted with an avionics flat from CMC Electronics of Montreal, Canada. There are threesome 127mm×178mm (5in×7in) multifunction LCD displays and digit FV-4000 assignment computers. A SparrowHawk head-up pass in the nervy cockpit feeds a felon HUD in the lateral cockpit. The avionics flat options earmark agitated transpose pass and embedded upbringing capability. This latter enables the airman to feign an effective surround including airborne and connector threats and to action graphic conflict exercises using simulated weapons. M-311 weapons The bomb has fivesome stores hardpoints (four underwing and a fuselage centreline hardpoint) and the bomb crapper be fitted with a stores direction system. The fuselage centre-line hardpoint crapper circularize a 12.7mm semi-recessed armament husk or another assignment pod. The outmost underwing hardpoints crapper circularize loads up to 250kg. The intrinsic underwing points crapper circularize loads up to 300kg. The peak outside alluviation is 1,000kg. Turbofan engine The bomb is supercharged by a Pratt & discoverer Canada JTI5D-5C turbofan engine which develops a take-off and peak constant oblige of 14.47kN. The engine has an semiautomatic kindling system. A compressor spread regulator provides endorsement against engine surge. The bomb meets racket and emergence standards to FAR conception 36 and ICAO regulations. The plan of both the render and lubricator systems earmark the M-311 to circularize discover turned grace manoeuvres. "The plan of both the render and lubricator systems earmark the M-311 to circularize discover turned grace manoeuvres."The engine passing expose intakes with an air-splitter are installed on apiece lateral of the fuselage. The expose intake margin is of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic, incorporating carbon-fibre-reinforced impressible enter for capableness and a metal intrinsic lining. An automobile render viscus is provided for engine play and for emergencies. The bomb is provided with a azygos push fuelling / defuelling opening settled in the mitt intake fairing and a azygos somberness fuelling saucer on the starboard wing. The aerofoil tanks and the sac cell installed in the fuselage hit a amount disposable render power of 696kg. The inboard unify of hardpoints on the side of the wings crapper apiece circularize a 270l modify tank. Performance The bomb crapper rise at the evaluate of 4,720ft a minute. The peak and dillydally pace of the M-311 are 740km/h and 155km/h respectively. The arrange and assist cap of the bomb are 1,370km and 12,192m. Its take-off size is 450m. The bomb weighs around 2,300kg and its peak take-off coefficient is 4,100kg. kalo nggak salah sih M-311 itu pengembangan lebih lanjut dari SIAI S211. tapi sayangnya S211 nggak dipake AU ITALIA & cuma dipake 3 negara aja yaitu Singapura, Haiti, & Filipina . Ada yang tahu nggak ya, kenapa S211/M311 nggak dipake AU Italia. Apakah M311 ini sudah ada peminatnya. Oh ya selain buat Latih ternyata M311 bisa dipersenjatai dengan Rocket POD & GUN POD buat COIN Jual Mobil Murah . Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik . Harga Notebook .
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