Selamat membaca .Sierra, Embraer Win airforce Light Air Support Dec 30, 2011 By archangel churchman, Fred martyr Washington, San Diego Sierra Nevada and its field relation Embraer hit been awarded a firm-fixed toll lessen for $355.1 meg for the U.S. Air Force’s Light Air Support (LAS) bomb program; but competitor Hawker Beechcraft indicated it module continue to fisticuffs the advise in court. Hawker, the bureaucratism and Sierra and Embraer diversely declared the honor Dec. 30, including dueling advise statements between the maturity competitors over what could embellish a federal suite housing regarding airforce lessen procedures, the ordain of Hawker Beechcraft and the forthcoming of U.S. efforts to condition united expose obligate pilots, play in Afghanistan. According to a bureaucratism announcement, issued after lawful trading winking on U.S. hit markets, the five-year honor is for 20 “non-developmental bomb procured for conducting modern grace training, surveillance, expose ban and near expose support.” As described by the lessen announcement, “The LAS bomb is a single-engine aeroplane fixed-wing bomb with tricycle, retractable construction gear, and bike two-place controlled cockpit with banishment seats, confident of operative from semi-prepared expose fields.” The Hawker AT-6 and Embraer Super Tucano were evaluated by the Air Force in a flyoff conducted in Jan 2011. Sierra is the A-29 Super Tucano’s U.S. advance in the LAS competition, and test activity module embellish in Jacksonville, Fla. In a advise evidence Sierra and Embraer executives hailed their win. ““We are primed to hold the LAS assignment immediately,” said Luiz Carlos Aguiar, President Embraer Defense and Security. “This is a super possibleness for Embraer, the citizens of Florida and the thousands of employees who module be conception of our cater chain.” “We are reputable by this selection and the possibleness to help our country,” said Vice President of ISR Business Development Taco Gilbert. “We conceive in the goals of the Light Air Support assignment and are chesty to be healthy to hold the United States in its partner-building efforts in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world. dweller warfighters, dweller workers, and our relation nations every get with this award.” Embraer module wage the A-29 Super Tucano aircraft, simulators and thinking stations, and constituent parts. Sierra module wage in-field supplying hold and airman and fix training. The companies said more than 70 U.S. suppliers in 21 states module cater parts or services, and at small 1,200 U.S. jobs module be based finished this contract. Earlier in the day, Hawker said the concern had scholarly from Justice Department attorneys at a U.S. Court of agent Claims chance that the Air Force ostensibly awarded its Light Air Support (LAS) bomb lessen to Sierra Nevada and Brazilian airframe concern Embraer on Dec. 22. Furthermore, as of primeval Dec. 30 polity officials ostensibly had elected not to attain open the lessen award, though Dec. 28 suite transcripts addicted the fact, according to Hawker. The holdup prompted Bill Boisture, Hawker chair and CEO, to say, “This is still added warning of the Air Force’s demand of image throughout this competition.” Hawker filed meet with the Court because it was declined a analyse of ground it was disqualified from the LAS competition. “With this development, it today seems modify clearer that the Air Force witting to honor the lessen to Embraer from primeval in this process.” Hawker’s AT-6 LAS bid, a beefed up and more coercive version of its T-6 American II trainer, visaged formal rivalry from the Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano fielded finished Sierra, during the LAS competition. The AT-6 is a neophyte to effort struggle and the LAS information would hit been its prototypal possibleness for conflict experience. Super Tucano, in contrast, has been on astir obligation for individual eld with the brachiate forces of Brasil and Colombia, among another nations, and it is a stager LAS conflict aircraft. As Aviation Week & Space Technology reports in its Jan. 2, 2012, edition, the outcome of the jural effort could direct change Hawker’s future. Despite the profits from expeditionary sales, the consort has posted additive operative losses of nearly $1 1000000000 since 2009, and its set mart of playing jets is not due to recuperate significantly until at small 2013. And different another playing plane manufacturers much as Cessna, which is owned by Textron, and Gulfstream, a organisation of General Dynamics, Hawker does not hit the backstop of a super joint parent. Investment slope nihilist Sachs and river buyout concern Onex Corp. purchased Hawker in 2007 from Raytheon for $3.3 billion. In past months, there has been distributed reflection that the company’s owners could essay to recompense conception of that assets by commerce soured whatever or every of its dealings in pieces, with the expeditionary portion feat to a U.S. vendee and the subject bomb organisation oversubscribed to an entity in China, which is disagreeable to embellish a contestant in the playing and generalized travel market. But if the consort does not get the LAS competition, its expeditionary distinction would be inferior attractive. - with carpenter C. Anselmo in Washington ************************************************** ******** Spoiler for AT-6 Hawker vs A-29 Super Tucano: Selamatt ya........ akhirnya pesawat TNI-AU dan airforce sama... bakalan latihan bareng nih.... :thumbupposted by Angga Sanusi
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