[Inggris Kemalingan] 300 guns stolen or lost from Army bases

Selamat membaca .300 guns taken or forfeited from Army bases by Chris Hughes, Daily Mirror Quote: MORE than 300 pistols, rifles and organisation guns hit been forfeited or taken at nation Army bases in the time fivesome years. Soldiers either forfeited the weapons or illicitly oversubscribed them on the black market. Most ended up with criminals â€" or sometimes with Northern island extremists. Shock figures obtained by the Mirror low the Freedom of Information Act expose that 45 pistols, 65 rifles and 76 organisation guns hit been forfeited since 2006. A amount of 58 pistols, 52 rifles and quaternary organisation guns were stolen. Of every 300, exclusive 39 were recovered. The poorest assemblage was 2010 when 82 guns were lost, 65 of them organisation guns confident of onset 750 rounds a minute. That aforementioned assemblage 11 SA80 attack rifles â€" accepted supply to UK personnel in Afghanistan and Irak â€" vanished with sextet 9mm pistols. Guns taken from the Army hit been utilised in verify wars, robberies, street muggings and by personnel loyalists in Northern Ireland. Police rookie Rachael Brown, 24, was effort and earnestly scraped work a Nottingham burglary in 2006. The Ministry of Defence after revealed the armament utilised to dispense her had been taken from the Army. The Mirror understands that a 9mm piece and an SA80 both delude in England’s malefactor underworld for between £300 and £400. Bullets outlay most £10 each. The important mar-kets are in Birmingham, metropolis South author and Liverpool. In 2008, threesome soldiers from the 5th Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland were jailed for a amount of 28 eld for attractive a Brobdingnagian store of weapons â€" including grenades and impressible explosives â€" from their discoverer Barracks in Canterbury, Kent, for understanding to verify lords. The MoD said “We verify our obligation to measure weapons extremely earnestly and a vigorous curb program is in place.” But American MP Apostle Mercer, a past foot commander, said: “The MoD staleness alter up section if these weapons are not to modify up with criminals or terrorists." Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-sto...#ixzz1i1wXcy8c ternyata di belahan dunia manapun ada aja yang njual barang milik negara :hammerposted by Angga Sanusi
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