[PIC]Akhirnya Vietnam meluncurkan kapal perang pertamanya

Selamat membaca . Software Akuntansi Laporan Keuangan Terbaik sebuah gunboat 400 ton selamat ya bro :shakehand Quote: Made-in-Vietnam battlewagon unveiled Tuoi Tre Updated : Mon, Oct 3, 2011,3:45 PM (GMT+0700) tau phao Vietnam’s prototypal locally-made armament commission TT400TP was formally undraped terminal hebdomad at the dock of Hong Ha ship-building existence or land works Z173 in the Federal municipality of Hai Phong, rating a newborn travel in the country’s accumulation industry. On the farewell of Sept 27, Colonel Nguyen Van Dac, semipolitical functionary of the Hong Ha ship-building plant, conventional a sound call saying: “Dear semipolitical commissar, every weapons and equipment on the battlewagon successfully effort their targets.” He directly conversant the beatific programme to others in bright tears. Thousands of staff, engineers, and workers in the works impact daylong waited for this arts moment. “To their surprise, external experts said it commonly took individual nowadays for a newly-made battlewagon in their countries to successfully impact a target. But this made-in-Vietnam commission unsealed blast accurately on its prototypal time,” Dac proudly said. After existence ordained as administrator of works Z173 heptad eld ago, the exclusive anxiety of Nguyen Van Cuong was whether to concoct a battlewagon or acquire digit from external countries. Save up to 90% Two eld later, the factory’s direction commission definite to physique a recent battlewagon by themselves from origin organisation and weapons bought abroad. “This commission meet costs us around US$1 meg patch a kindred battlewagon on the orbicular mart costs up to US$10 million. So we spend up to 90 percent,” Cuong said. Hundreds of the prizewinning engineers in the works had been drilled external for threesome eld to see technologies necessary to physique the ship, Cuong added. Local engineers and workers are employed unitedly to physique the armament commission TT400TP - (the coutersy photo) The armament commission TT400TP was undraped on Sept 27 - (the coutersy photo) The armament commission TT400TP test-firing The inland exclusive the ship The TT400TP was created to consent quaternary missions: pass1 discover every adversary battleships, protect grey bases of construction crafts, protect noncombatant vessels, and for patrolling purposes. The ship, which is 54.16m daylong and 9.16m wide, has a peak pace of 32 shipping miles per hour. It is healthy to continuously curb offshore for 30 life and nights at uninterrupted winds of obligate 9 and waves of obligate 8. The commission has an operative arrange of 2,500 miles. This module advance to strengthening the naval obligate and evaluation a newborn travel in Vietnam’s profession of board antiquity to advance to the endorsement of domestic sovereignty, said Colonel Cao Hoa Binh, chair of the Naval Technology Department. Spoiler for dari wiki: TT-400TP is the prototypal board fashioned and shapely by warfare in Z-173 shipyard (Hong Ha company, Hai Phong, Vietnam).[1][2][3][4] TT-400TP collection ships impact armament curb semiautomatic weapons on the seafaring with quaternary tasks: defeat every semiaquatic ships and corvettes of the adversary and protecting the humble of the semiaquatic fast and fast fellow in the activeness of ships in assist forces and forces construe mines, endorsement of noncombatant ships at seafaring and tactical intelligence planes of the water.[5] Vietnam People's Navy's engineers and designers in Z-173 shipyard rank TT-400TP supported on origin drawings of a external land by recent technology. Through this success, Z-173 shipyard has shapely a rank ordered of theoretical documents shipbuilding armament TT-400TP.[6][7] This employ has gradually perfect the profession for commission organisation engineers warfare has momentous fund in the domestic budget than purchase the whole organisation drawings. solon importantly, the success of the TT-400TP gunboats impact ordered solidified foundations for the shipbuilding business expeditionary in Vietnam. The study "TT-400TP" is abbreviated by Annamite words: TT-400 is over 400 tons, TP is Tàu Pháo (gunboat). The commission is installed with recent equipment much as a curb grouping for the important and helper engines, blast warning grouping and weapons curb systems. It is due to compound the Annamite People's Navy’s strength.[3] Class overview Name: TT-400TP gunboat Builders: Z-173 shipyard (Hong Ha company) Operators: Annamite People's Navy Cost: 1,000,000$ In commission: 2011 General characteristics Displacement: 480 heaps flooded load Length: 54.16 metres Beam: 9.16 metres Speed: up to 32 knots Range: 2500 miles Endurance: 30 days Armament: 1 x 76.2mm AK-176 important gun, 1 x 30mm AK-630 gun[1] sumber : http://tuoitrenews.vn/cmlink/tuoitre...veiled-1.46601posted by Angga Sanusi
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