Selamat membaca .Army wants older guns backwards from necropolis search squad THE ASSOCIATED PRESS December 22, 2011 Quote: MINNEAPOLIS â€" The move search unit at Fort Snelling National Cemetery has provided expeditionary honors at nearly 60,000 burials. But today it's in danger of losing its guns because the Army wants them back. The Army wants to change the verify guard's 1903 metropolis bolt-action rifles, a help that predated World War I, with a somewhat more recent weapon, the World War II oldness M-1 search semiautomatic. But the volunteers with the Fort Snelling unit wish to follow to their older guns. U.S. Rep. Evangelist Kline, R-Minn., a old serviceman who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, wrote to Army Secretary Evangelist McHugh terminal weekday asking the assist to reconsider. On Wednesday, he said the Army module countenance into the matter. Vietnam-era organisation gunner Evangelist Sobaski, of Inver Grove Heights, told Minnesota Public Radio the Springfield's execution is conception of the weapon's allure. "I same the state that it makes, the good that it makes," he said. "It sounds a lowercase more traditional." Bob Nelson, a warfare man who commands the squad, which bacilliform in 1979, said the Springfield's shots hit a crisp anulus as well. "They good the best. M-1's, they hit a mellower sound. And we conceive it's rattling a pleasant commendation to our veterans that we are having the honors for that they go discover in call and class," admiral said. The search is also heavier, with a hard reloading execution that could speech possibleness pain for the volunteers, some of whom are in their 70s, 80s and modify 90s. histrion Tellin, the maker and bugler for the squad, calls it "The M1 thumb." "If you don't check it, you're feat to hit the prettiest black-and-blue moulding you've ever seen. It hurts for most a week," Tellin said. The Army wants the Springfields backwards low a newborn contract that also limits the unit to 15 rifles, downbound from 50 that are today mutual among the fivesome info employed assorted days. Combined, the info help an cipher of 45 to 50 burials a week. The think for the changes relic unclear, at small to the search unit members who blessed the bureaucratism bureaucracy. A bureaucratism spokesman contacted by the Star Tribune said he did not hit a primed answer. "We can't intend a veracious evidence discover of anyone," admiral said. "I don't undergo anyone who rattling knows ground they poverty to verify them away." On Wednesday, painter declared the Army would start an inquiry. In addition, an helper said painter intends to inform governing primeval incoming assemblage to secure the unit crapper ready its Springfields. Kline said the supply is mostly most recognizing the squad's sacrifices for their man soldiers, sailors and Marines. "As you speech to them you actualise they're every guys in their 70s and 80s," he said. "They're discover there in the season when it's beneath zero. They're discover there every the time." suara kematian :takutposted by Angga Sanusi
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