Selamat membaca . Software Akuntansi Laporan Keuangan Terbaik A hardcore Nihon Security Watch reader, who occasionally produces translations of Asian entrepot articles, forwarded whatever engrossing bits from “Disaster Relief Operations of the JSDF for the Great East Nihon Earthquake”, publicised in the entrepot “Sekai no Kansen” (Ships of the World), June 2011. The article was cursive by Hidemichi Katsumata, honcho of the article board, the Yomiuri Shimbun. Excerpts from the movement follow. * * * On March 11, 2011, at 2:46 p.m., a ratio 9.0 earthquake, centralised soured the shore of Sanriku, occurred. This seism registered an bunk 7 on the Asian grade bit in the Federal conception of Miyagi Prefecture. Twenty transactions later, at 3:06 p.m., added earthquake, centralised soured the shore of Fukushima Prefecture occurred existence transcribed M7.0. Moreover, at 3:15 p.m., an M7.4 seism impact soured the shore of Ibaraki Prefecture. On March 11th, after 3 p.m., 15 transactions after the seism occurrence, the North East Army, the Nihon Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) (headquartered in Sendai-city) dispatched its intelligence helicopters from nearby Camp Kasuminome to the hardship sites and had JGSDF distinction body dispatched to municipalities in Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures that requested Disaster Relief Dispatches. Matsushima Air Base. At that moment, a broad tidal gesture warning was issued and an voiding visit was free in Matsushima Air Base of the Nihon Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) in Matsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture. This expose humble was covering the sea. ”A wave is coming. Evacuate to the ordinal story of the building!” Soon after this, a wave surged onto runways and hangers as if the liquid was swallowing the facilities. Wood vagrant in the liquid came over the immersion runways, and 18 of two-seated F-2B, upbringing plane jets that outlay roughly 12 1000000000 yearning each, and 28 added bomb including UH-60 delivery helicopters exclusive or in face of hangers, were directly sunk. Some airplanes were pushed 300 meters along by tsunami. Moreover, the prototypal story of the important antiquity and automobile maker artefact and computers of the curb shape were every destroyed. Matsushima Air Base forfeited most of its functions. The exclusive airplanes that free from the conclusion! were the ones of the 11th expose unit, so-called “the Blue Impulse,” which had been touched to Ashiya Base in metropolis Prefecture to shew credit flights on March 12 Ceremony for island Shinkansen lines decent acquirable along the whole line. View super map The office of the Yokosuka District, Nihon Maritime Self-Defense Force whose domain areas allow hardship areas between Sanriku to soured Ibaraki Prefecture, also became busy. An seism rhythmic a modify 5 on the Asian bit of heptad also impact Yokosuka City with brawny flat oscillation. Thinking that the Yokosuka District had a relatively diminutive space, Vice Admiral Hiromi Takashima, Commandant, Yokosuka District, ingrained an activeness shack on the ordinal story of the office of the Self-Defense Fleet, which was settled 10 transactions intend from the Yokosuka District headquarters. From the newborn activeness room, he sequential “all ships deviate towards soured Kinkazan.” It is the prototypal instance for the Yokosuka District officer to acknowledged bidding of the whole JMSDF since the Great Kanto seism of 1923 during the instance of the past Imperial Yokosuka District Base. After 3:30 p.m., an fellow board Harusame departed as the prototypal dispatched board from Pier Yoshikura in Yokosuka. Harusame mitt with its specific antimonial sounds. By around 10:00 a.m., 17 ships in opening mitt for the hardship site. Among these ships, a cater craft Tokiwa, which was in opening during its upbringing period, conventional an visit to have an crisis load shipment. At 9:30 a.m., the Tokiwa mitt unexploded with prepositioned crisis matter much as most 95,000 crapper food, 14,200 meals of bread, 1,050 blankets, intelligent equipment much as automobile saws, and takeout toilets. There were whatever members of the 17 ships who could not be primed in instance for feat because they were attractive pass or for added reasons. (According to the JMSDF chief staff.) These members boarded ships that mitt later. There were most 100 Tokiwa members amongst them. JASDF RF-4J intelligence aircraft. Soon, the Self-Defense Forces visaged the status that they never envisage before. They gradually apprehended that dilapidated areas were hugely distributed when they conventional aggregation from the JGSDF helicopters and the JASDF’s RF-4 plane intelligence planes (Hyakuri Base, Ibaraki Prefecture). However, there was no objective aggregation to end to which hardship areas the JSDF forces should be prototypal deploy for intelligent and delivery activities because the municipalities’ act systems were also blasted and so were totally disconnected. Previously, on Oct 2008, the North East Army, Nihon Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF), conducted an seism exercise, “Michinoku ALERT2008,” presupposing that “M8.0 earthquake, centralised soured the shore of Miyagi Prefecture, occurred, and then wave attacked soured the shore of Sanriku, feat scores of casualties and victims.” This training was as a large-scale training with a amount of 16,000 grouping participants from 22 cities and towns soured the shore of Sanriku and 35 attendant agencies and organizations much as the Nihon Red Cross Society and the Tohoku Electric Power Co., added than JGSDF, JASDF, Iwate Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture. During the hardship learn , the JGSDF dispatched its units. The JGSDF’s hardship hindrance dealings were supported on the postulate that most of aggregation were provided by the individual municipalities. “In the Great East Nihon Earthquake, whatever municipality halls were blasted by wave and the alteration of apiece locate was likewise Brobdingnagian so that the functionality of the municipal polity itself was gone. The premise to deploy units supported on aggregation from sick areas was collapsed,” said a GSDF body member. Given this situation, the JGSDF directly had most 20 helicopters departed. The helicopters included ones from the 1st Helicopter Unit, Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture and Camp Kasuminome and CH-47 and UH-60 of the 12 Brigade from the expose humble in Somabara, Gunma Prefecture, digit after another. The helicopters were dispatched to intend a apprehension of the alteration and delivery residents who were unaccompanied on roofs and added places as presently as the helicopters institute them during their analyse from the sky. ”We meet recue when we encounter them from the air. It was not exclusive municipal governments that had forfeited admittance to information, but the personnel and blast departments as well. We had to move delivery dealings by assembling aggregation by ourselves.” (Said by a JGSDF body member.) The delivery eggbeater units entered the sites supported on self-gathered aggregation and they had to move until daybreak to move a full-scale gathering of delivery activities. Meanwhile, the JMSDF’ units, which mitt Yokosuka Base also arrived soured the shore of Ibaraki Prefecture and Kinkasan Atlantic digit after added on around 5 p.m. on March 12. The fellow ships came streaming at a pace of 27 knots and cater vessels also came at a pace of over 20 knot, but the fireman they got to the area, the more they saw load containers and drums agitated up and downbound on the opencast of liquid and pilotless work boats floating. Fully-destroyed houses were sweptwing absent and driftwood was scattered. Each instance whatever parts of a concern were institute in the waves, fellow ships and cater vessels engaged a diminutive dish and carried discover its see for survivors. JS Tokiwa on right. AP photo. Commander Masanori Takahashi, Commanding Officer of the cater board Tokiwa recalled the scenes, “I never intellection it could be as intense as that.” CDR Takahashi had previously served as CO of the fellow board Takanami, and he had undergo of comfort dealings by directly incoming soured the shore of Phuket Island when the Takanami came from the event of the seism and wave disasters soured the shore of island Island, state in Dec 2004. Takanami was on they artefact backwards to Nihon after its render cater operations. ”We saw numerous region trees and beach parasols in the water. However, what we saw soured Sanriku was matchless to that.” U.S. Navy photo. Moreover, there was a aggregation of vegetation vagrant in the liquid stuff the ports of Souma (Fukushima Prefecture), Sendai, Miyako (Iwate Prefecture), where the JMSDF ships were questionable to deliver crisis goods. Because of this condition, super ships could not become along the piers because cars and trucks were also unsuccessful and it denaturized the liquid depth. ”We could exclusive instrumentation artefact by shuttle between cater vessels soured the shore and the land, after full mobilizing ship-borne helicopters and also actuation helicopters from Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture,” according to a JMSDF body member. The maximal hardship comfort activeness of the JMSDF in its story had meet started at that time, but added crisis was already effort close. 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