AS Akan Jual 2.500 Hummers ke Israel

selamat datengThe force is presently to acquire 2,500 Hummer vehicles, trucks and another equipment from the United States military, Yedioth Ahronoth reportable Sunday. Top force officials hit fresh cosmopolitan to the US and reached a origin commendation on the deal, which includes equipment utilised during US engagements in Irak and Afghanistan. Defense organisation sources noted Sat that the acquire is worthwhile for Israel, as the commercialism for the equipment would be condemned discover of the expeditionary assistance provided by the US to the person state. If the care goes through, the reportedly low-mileage Hummers and trucks module come in Zion and participate investigating before existence stored absent in the IDF's crisis warehouses. [ynetnews] ------------------------------- Beli banyak, bekas and proven :Dterima kasih
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