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selamat datengPanzerhaubitze 2000 Spoiler for article: The Panzerhaubitze 2000 ("Armoured howitzer 2000"), brief PzH 2000, is a Teutonic 155 mm self-propelled howitzer matured by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) and Rheinmetall for the Teutonic Army. The PzH 2000 is digit of the most coercive customary armament systems currently deployed. It is specially celebrity for a rattling broad evaluate of fire; in removed fashion it crapper blast threesome rounds in 9 seconds, decade rounds in 56 seconds, and crapper blast between 10 and 13 rounds per instance continuously, depending on containerful heating.[1] The PzH 2000 has semiautomatic hold for Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) for up to 5 rounds. The renewal of shells is automated. Two operators crapper alluviation 60 shells and propelling charges in inferior than 12 minutes. PzH 2000 has also been designated by the armies of Italy, Holland and Greece, and more orders are plausible as whatever NATO forces change their M109 howitzers. Contents Development In 1986 Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany, united to alter their existing utilization of the PzH 155-1 (SP70) program, which had removed into reliability problems and had organisation defects, notably existence mounted on a restricted cell chassis. A newborn Joint Ballistics Memorandum of Understanding (JBMOU) for a 52 calibre containerful (based on a UK proposal) to change 39 calibre was nearing agreement. Teutonic business was asked for proposals to physique a newborn organisation with armament orthodox to the JBMOU. Of the planned designs, Wegmann's was selected. Rheinmetall fashioned the 155 mm 52-calibre JBMOU willing gun, which is chromium-lined for its whole 8 cadence size and includes a silence brushwood on the end. The armament uses a newborn modular calculate grouping with sextet charges (five identical), which crapper be compounded to wage the best amount calculate for the arrange to the target, as substantially as the customary bagged calculate systems. Primer is unexploded severally via a courier belt, and the whole loading, birthing and parcel is completely automated. The peak arrange of the armament is 30 km with the accepted L15A2 ammo (a UK organisation for FH-70 and stockpiled by FRG for M109G and FH70), most 35 km with humble spread rounds, and at small 40 km with aided projectiles. In Apr 2006 a PzH 2000 effort aided shells (Denel V-Lap) over a indifference of 56 km with a plausible peak arrange of over 60 km.[2] This armament has a Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) capability, with fivesome ammo simultaneou! s strikes. Greece and FRG ingest the Panzerhaubitze in compounding with the SMArt 155 armament round. Wegmann supplied both the chassis, distribution whatever components with the Leopard 1, and the platform for the gun. The grouping has superior cross-country action because of its ingest of constant tracks and goodish endorsement in the housing of counter-fire. The platform includes a phased clothing radiolocation on the face glacis for activity the silence rate of apiece ammo fired. Laying accumulation crapper be automatically provided via encrypted broadcasting from the shelling blast content centre. A gathering of threesome was necessary for flooded operation, commander, place and driver. Wegman yet won a lessen in 1996 for 185 to be delivered to Germany's fast activity force, followed by added 410 for the important force. Wegmann and Krauss-Maffei, the digit important Teutonic expeditionary tracked container designers, merged in 1998. A sort of armies hit proven the grouping and its ability to wage faithful blast at 40 km has been a field commerce point.[citation needed] The PzH 2000 was thoughtful for the US Army's Crusader construct system, but individual requirements of the Crusader prefabricated it unsuitable. In portion the Crusader settled the gathering and armament in removed compartments. A lighter, more air-portable version, using the armament in a power fitted to a device chassis, has been matured by Krauss-Maffei. It is titled the Artillery Gun Module. Combat achievement and alterations The PzH 2000 was utilised for the prototypal instance in conflict by the land Army in August 2006 against Taleban targets in city Province, Afghanistan, in hold of Operation Medusa.[3] Since then it has been utilised regularly in hold of alinement personnel in Uruzgan province, also in Afghanistan. The PzH 2000 was also utilised extensively during the Battle of Chora. It is famous as "the daylong limb of ISAF".[citation needed] The armament has been criticised by the land in Uruzgan domain as the NBC grouping fashioned for ingest in aggregation cannot manage with the broad take of detritus in Afghanistan.[citation needed] The guns hit been restricted with added fit existence fitted to the roof to protect against howitzer rounds. There hit been another reports of problems including the requirement to ready it in the paint unless actually firing, the alteration it does to poorly shapely anchorage and a momentous 'cold gun' gist necessitating the ingest of 'warmers'.[ci! tation needed] Since the prototypal of June 2010, Teutonic ISAF personnel at PRT Konduz hit threesome PzH2000 at their disposal. They were prototypal utilised on 10 July 2010 to wage counterbalance for the feat of a dilapidated vehicle. This was the prototypal instance in its story the Bundeswehr has utilised onerous armament in combat.[4] [edit] Exports The PzH2000 is digit of the threesome contenders for SPH conception of Australia's Land 17 Artillery Replacement Program, covering soured against the South Asiatic K-9 Thunder. Operators Actual operators * FRG : 185 (to be low to 154 with 31 to be kept in hardware for doable transmutation to AGM ambulatory armament module) * Italia : 70 * Holland : 18 + 39 to be sold * Ellas : 24 Panzerhaubitze 2000 in profile. Type Self-propelled artillery Place of lineage Germany Service history Wars War in Afghanistan Production history Designed 1996 Unit outlay US$4.5 million Produced 1998 Specifications Weight Combat: 55.8 t (61.5 brief tons) Length 11.7 m (38 ft 5 in) Width 3.6 m (11 ft 10 in) Height 3.1 m (10 ft 2 in) Crew 3 (commander, utility and gunner) Armor welded steel, 14.5 mm resistant additional bomb protection Main armament Rheinmetall 155 mm L52 Artillery Gun (60 rounds) Secondary armament Rheinmetall MG3 7.62 mm organisation gun Engine MTU 881 Ka-500 1,000 PS (986 hp, 736 kW) Power/weight 17.92 PS/t Suspension torsion bar Operational range 420 km (261 mi) Speed Road: 67 rate (41 mph) Off-road: 45 rate (28 mph) Spoiler for pic: Note that Quote: Actual operators * FRG : 185 (to be low to 154 with 31 to be kept in hardware for doable transmutation to AGM ambulatory armament module) * Italia : 70 * Holland : 18 + 39 to be sold * Ellas : 24 selagi ada kesempatan ditengah kesempitan eropa, SIKATTT kalo menurut cardinal kita bisa ambil sekitar 18-24 kendaraan untuk distant brachiate tapi di BKOkan di bawah kodam. Jadi untuk permulaan setiam kodam bakal dapat satu squadron. oy ya, naya dikit buat sesepuh, distant brachiate itu ita ada berapa sih dan strukturisasi TNI AD kayak gimana, bingung ane??? kasih
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