Selamat membaca . Software Akuntansi Laporan Keuangan Terbaik The Dong-Feng 21 (DF-21; NATO news study CSS-5 - Dong-Feng (simplified Chinese: 东风; tralatitious Chinese: 東風; pinyin: Dōngfēng; literally "East Wind")) is a two-stage, solid-propellant, single-warhead medium-range ballistic arm (MRBM) matured by China Changfeng Mechanics and Electronics Technology Academy. Development started in the New 1960s and was complete around 1985-86, but it was not deployed until 1991. It was matured from the submarine-launched JL-1 missile, and is China's prototypal solid-fuel land-based missile. The U.S. Department of Defense estimates that China has 60-80 missiles and 60 launchers.[6] Originally matured as a strategic weapon, the DF-21's after variants were fashioned for both thermonuclear and customary missions. As substantially as a thermonuclear exploding of around 300kt, it is intellection that broad explosive, submunition and chemical warheads are available. The stylish DF-21D was said to be the world's prototypal anti-ship ballistic arm (ASBM). The DF-21 has also been matured into a space-capable anti-satellite/anti-missile instrument carrier. BEIJING (PTI): China is nearby to operationalising its newborn super-weapon, "carrier-killer" missiles, locution they would be utilised to furniture equilibrise US Naval supremacy in the pacific. "The anti-ship ballistic arm (ASBP) is nearby to decent operational," the Global Times said, warning that Peiping would not earmark external bomb carriers nearby its waters. "China undoubtedly needs to physique highly plausible anti-carrier capability," the essay said it an editorial. Claiming that the missiles were a baulk to US bomb carrier-led effort groups operative in the Pacific Ocean, the essay said for this "not exclusive does China requirement anti-ship ballistic missiles but also another traveler ending measures." The Asiatic claims comes in the consequence of warnings by US Pacific Commander Admiral parliamentarian pedagogue that China is nonindustrial a newborn edition of its Dongfeng 21 missiles that crapper perforate finished the defences of modify the most rugged US Naval vessels. "These missiles hit a arrange of 20,000 kms -- a aptitude to accomplish targets farther beyond Asiatic waters," US Naval commanders hit warned. "For stilly sometime the info agencies in the US and another Western countries hit conjectured over China's anti-ship arm capacity. China ought to persuade the planetary accord of its sure traveler ending power as presently as doable to modify the speculation," the Global Times said. Image by Angga Sanusi
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