Selamat membaca . Software Akuntansi Laporan Keuangan Terbaik U.S. Air Force picks LAS contractor January 4, 2012 Quote: The Sierra Nevada Corp. and Brazil's Embraer Defense and Security hit won the U.S. Air Force's Light Air Support bomb lessen but amid controversy. Hawker Beechcraft, which had offered its AT-6 bomb for the LAS, is hunt a temporary U.S. District suite enjoinment on the LAS lessen honor after the Air Force dropped it from the competition. The LAS involves a aeroplane for expose hold dealings of connector troops, as substantially as for aery intelligence and airman training. Sierra Nevada, with Embraer as the manufacturer, offered the A-29 Super Tocano, which was fashioned and shapely specifically for battle scenarios. The firm-fixed-price visit for 20 bomb and hold is worth more than $355 million. It was issued along with a base indefinite-delivery/indefinite calibre contract. "We are reputable by this selection and the possibleness to help our country," said Taco Gilbert, evilness chair of ISR Business Development at SNC. "We conceive in the goals of the Light Air Support assignment and are chesty to be healthy to hold the United States in its partner-building efforts in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world. "American warfighters, dweller workers and our relation nations every get with this award." SNC said most 70 U.S. suppliers would be participating in gathering the Air Force contract. Embraer has unsealed to gathering facilities in Florida and they module be the creation sites for the aircraft. "We are primed to hold the LAS assignment immediately," said Embraer Defense and Security President Luiz Carlos Aguiar. "This is a large possibleness for Embraer, the citizens of Florida and the thousands of employees who module be conception of our cater chain. We countenance nervy to employed with SNC and the U.S. Air Force to wage these aircraft." Under the teaming composing between SNC and Embraer, Embraer is answerable for antiquity the aircraft, patch in-field logistics hold module be provided by SNC. Hawker Beechcraft says its AT-6 was matured in union with the Air Force and foregather Air Force specifications. Copyright 2012 U.P.I. All Rights Reserved pake sogokan? menang tidak jujur? Jual Mobil Murah . Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik . Harga Notebook .
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