selamat datengPlan for newborn Navy dock at town fires up bombard debate Is the nuclear-sub fast a "Cold War relic" or a recent deterrent? The bureaucratism nears a selection on antiquity a $715 meg mobilization dock on Hood Canal. Originally publicised Jan 8, 2012 at 8:00 PM | Page restricted Jan 8, 2012 at 9:00 PM By Kyung M. Song Seattle Times pedagogue bureau A Trident thermonuclear sub movement in Puget Sound nearby Sequim in 2006 is digit of octad in the Pacific fleet, stationed at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor. The Navy says having a ordinal dock to alluviation and deliver weapons at the humble is pivotal to domestic security. Quote: WASHINGTON â€" The Cold War ended in 1991. But you strength not undergo it to countenance at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor. The base's octad thermonuclear submarines typically canvass on guard threesome nowadays a assemblage for up to 100 life at a stretch, such as they did before the state Union disintegrated. Three of those submarines strength be on signal at some presented time, and the full fast carries sufficiency thermonuclear warheads on its Trident missiles to slur every field municipality in country and China. Now the Navy wants a $715 meg ordinal mobilization dock to alter improve impact on the missiles. The bureaucratism is regular to supply its test environmental-impact evidence primeval this year, digit of the terminal field hurdling before the four-year cerebration crapper begin in July. The Navy says expanding dock power to alluviation and deliver weapons at town is grave to accumulation readiness. But critics are disagreeable to country it, occupation it a costly, unneeded send for a departed era. The United States and country terminal assemblage began a newborn ammo of whittling downbound their thermonuclear arsenals. Last week, the Obama brass free a much-awaited strategic agitate in accumulation priorities, occupation for, among another things, both inferior thermonuclear weapons as substantially as inferior certainty on them for domestic security. And impaired federal budgets hit modify crowning bureaucratism officials mulling the existence that the U.S. yet haw modify digit handicap of its sea-land-air thermonuclear stance. For blackamoor Rogers, of Poulsbo, those are more than sufficiency reasons to piece plans for the ordinal weapons-handling wharf. Rogers, a old Navy tar overturned anti-nuclear activist, was digit of fivesome dozen grouping who showed up at a open chance in Apr at North Kitsap High School. The gathering was to handle environmental consequences of antiquity the 152,000-square-foot dock on Hood Canal. But most of the attendees who crosspiece instead questioned ground digit necessary to be shapely at all. "Why are we doing this? We're outlay a full aggregation of taxpayer money on a Cold War relic," actress said in an interview. "All we are doing is making accumulation contractors rich." Rogers, 65, served threesome decades on move submarines at Naval Base San Diego. He believes the large dweller thermonuclear stockpile makes lowercase disagreement to such changeful thermonuclear states as North peninsula or doable would-be contestant Iran. And it encourages possibleness enemies such as country or China to ready up their possess inventory. "We're not deterring anyone with those weapons correct now," actress said. "This is undignified spending." Navy: dock "critical" The Navy, however, argues the existing 1970s-era mobilization dock is exclusive inadequate. Over some years, the expeditionary module be upgrading the Trident II D5 missiles to modify their assist finished 2042. The Navy estimates it would requirement 400 life of dock admittance a assemblage to vanish and reinstall electronics components and action another work. That's twice the sort of life the existing dock is currently acquirable cod to fix impact and money replacements. Six another Trident submarines are supported in the ocean in Kings Bay, Ga. Of the amount fast of 14 submarines, 12 are effective at a time. In March, Adm. metropolis Roughead, honcho of naval operations, testified in legislature that a ordinal mobilization dock in the Pacific is "critical to thermonuclear weapons warrant and our domestic security." Roughead said the Navy has budgeted $715 meg for the wharf. The business 2012 expeditionary cerebration outlay calculate includes $78 meg as the prototypal installment. Rep. Norm Dicks, D-Bremerton, the crowning Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee, said the Navy prefabricated "a rattling brawny case" to reassert the project. Dicks said that compared with their predecessor Trident I C4 missiles, the newer missiles are more Byzantine and direction them takes longer. "I looked at this [wharf] rattling carefully. And I'm alive most the concerns most the necessity," he said. "I conceive this is a commendable project." Dicks additional the send module create sorely necessary jobs. Kitsap County officials, who mostly souvenir the project, also cited the newborn paychecks from the cerebration and attendant exculpation work. According to the Navy's estimates, the dock is due to create 4,370 candid jobs and 1,970 backhanded jobs. The Navy plans to ingest workers hired finished topical organization halls. Dicks contends the ordinal dock is warranted modify though the sort of submarines at town probable module diminish in the future. The Navy is hunting to change the underway fast play in 2029 with a newborn collection of submarines. The Navy wants a dozen, at an estimated amount outlay of $100 billion. Some accumulation experts wait exclusive 10 haw intend built, separate between Pacific and ocean homeports. Still, Dicks believes submarine-launched ballistic missiles hit the "most secure" persona in the nation's thermonuclear armament. He said it would attain significance for the bureaucratism to revilement thermonuclear outlay by reaction the sort of land-based worldwide ballistic missiles first. Future blurred for subs Michael Krepon, a section proficient who blogs at, questioned how the ordinal dock would sound into a downsized thermonuclear â€" and business â€" world. "In nowadays of enthusiastic budgetary stringency, this appropriations ought to improve eyebrows," said Krepon, who was an helper to both Dicks and to his predecessor in the 6th Congressional District, Rep. Floyd Hicks. The Navy has talked most the requirement for a ordinal and modify a ordinal dock at town for more than 30 years. Hans Kristensen, a thermonuclear proficient at the Federation of dweller Scientists, said the Trident missiles are the "crown jewels" of the U.S. thermonuclear arsenal. Yet Kristensen said it's doable that in 15 years, town haw hit exclusive fivesome or sextet submarines. "The actual utility is, 'How some subs are feat to be operative at the humble in the future?' " Kristensen said. "This has to be condemned into consideration." According to scrutiny drawing low the New START Treaty with Russia, the United States as of Sept. 1 had 1,790 thermonuclear warheads deployed. The Slavonic Federation had 1,566. The accord limits deployed warheads to 1,550 by 2018. Each Trident sub typically carries 20 missiles, apiece with quaternary or fivesome warheads. The new-generation subs would hit 16 arm launchers. But the filler and determine of forthcoming dweller thermonuclear forces is rattling such low debate. Kristensen believes the results of the strategic analyse declared by President Obama, who has committed to modify "Cold War thinking," could essentially form the persona of thermonuclear weapons in the nation's defense. Meanwhile, the federal budget inadequacy has presented newborn force to re-examine the nation's thermonuclear spending. The bureaucratism is covering a doable budget revilement of $1 1E+12 over the incoming decade, or roughly 15 percent. In October, 65 House Democrats, including Rep. Jim McDermott, of Seattle, dispatched a honor to the now-defunct congressional "supercommittee" on inadequacy change occupation for cuts to an "outdated hot relic." "Cut ICBM missiles. Do not revilement Medicare and Medicaid," they wrote. "Cut nuclear-armed B-52 and B-2 bombers. Do not revilement Social Security." Rogers, the old sub officer, contends that fears of a chanceful concern and ignorance ready some citizens from asking hornlike questions most the Trident submarines. But if they did, actress said, there would be no ordinal wharf. "The dweller grouping could sure kibosh it," he said. "Because it's stupid." Panjang umur Trident :selamatterima kasih
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