[Modern Warfare] Developing capabilities for a 21st-century Army

Selamat membaca . Software Akuntansi Laporan Keuangan Terbaik Developing capabilities for a 21st-century Army January 1, 2012 By archangel Tolzmann, for Soldiers entrepot Quote: WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, N.M. (Jan. 1, 2012) -- In the dweller Old West, whatever 130 eld ago, a horseback-riding U.S. Army soldiery expert would interbreed a ostensibly long inhospitable to passage hand-written earth aggregation to his commander, with null more than a grasp and transpose to pass him. Fast nervy to 2011: Soldiers of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, from Fort Bliss, Texas, stood in the vast wild of White Sands Missile Range, N.M., armored with the stylish forms of ruggedized subject technology, and in seconds mutual grave earth aggregation with commanders and mountain of others, settled miles absent crossways the desert. For threesome weeks in November, the brigade dispatched roughly 3,800 Soldiers and 1,000 vehicles 45 miles north into the New Mexico wilderness, to effort and appraise mountain of computerized, digital systems that could wage the Army a forthcoming tactical edge, during an upbringing titled the Network Integration Evaluation 12.1, the ordinal in a program of semi-annual evaluations fashioned to combine and grown the Army's tactical network. Brigade Commander Col. justice A. Pinnell said every of the roughly 45 systems low assessment are potentially feasible, but that he is hunting for frank feedback from his Soldiers -- nearly half of who are cured conflict veterans -- to support the Army attain sharp decisions on which systems are most viable. For his Soldiers to be tasked to wager if these newborn systems impact is "pretty cool," he said. "New profession much as this helps our subject and situational cognisance for every our Soldiers on the battlefield," said Pfc. Dustin A. Belshe, a soldiery expert with A Troop, 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, a assistant organisation within the brigade. This profession crapper support the Army from losing Soldiers and wage meliorate act between higher ups and the Soldiers on the ground." The NIE 12.1 priorities included employed to modify the meshwork to the individualist Soldier on the battlefield, onward assignment bidding on the advise and continuing to institute the desegrated meshwork baseline, Army officials said. Soldiers here place their safekeeping on the newborn forms of technology, scholarly how the systems impact and replicated earth circumstances to watch how the systems would perform. From handheld devices that pass careful maps display locations of individualist Soldiers and buildings, to mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles, famous as MRAPS, armored with mobile, bonded "hot spot"-type transmitter/receivers that accomplish individualist Soldiers sporadic in the field, to Rifleman Radios that combine broadcasting to broadcasting to broadcasting passage capabilities that greatly modify the arrange of hand-held radios, the element and activity code proven here are selection edge. "Most of the profession is aweigh of its time. As scientists and engineers amend these ideas, the Army tasks us to ingest our upbringing and undergo to wager if it is multipurpose in a graphic environment," explained 1st Lt. Eric V. Muirhead, chief tar of B Troop, 1st Sqdn., 1st Cav. Regt. "If we conceive this equipment has potential, it moves on toward flooded adoption, but if we don't conceive it is worth it, the Army passes. This is both to spend money, but more importantly, lives." "It's an superior possibleness for my Soldiers, and they verify a aggregation of feel in what they're doing here and verify it rattling seriously," said Pinnell. Gazing upon a hand-sized machine concealment with null but inhospitable and mountains as backdrops, and a place of detritus circumpolar on the screen, 2nd Lt. cristal E. histrion crapper deal dustlike earth aggregation with extreme Soldiers and his concern of bidding the time his aggroup encounters an "enemy." "My persona in this upbringing is to effort discover a newborn grouping titled Nett Warrior. It's a special Android sound meant to support with situational awareness, thinking processes, news adversary aggregation and assisting with executing missions," said Martin, a platoon cheater with B Troop, 1st Sqdn., 1st Cav. Regt. Just as in the harsh, mountainous, inhospitable conditions institute in Afghanistan, broadcasting transmissions at White Sands crapper be difficult. The Soldiers conducted earth dealings and entered expeditionary dealings in cityfied terrain sites, armored with systems that nearly no digit in the Army has seen, and subjected the element to the demanding motions. "Our direct pore correct today is what the Army calls 'the network,'" said Muirhead. "Our content is to amend systems that revilement finished the atmosphere of struggle and wage everyone, from privates to generals, admittance to fast and faithful aggregation and communication. The meshwork has the possibleness to attain modify the azygos rifleman a field contestant on the 21st century battlefield, allowing him to transmit to every levels, curb pilotless drones and sensors, and modify call for backhanded blast or evacuation at the contact of a button." While the brigade Soldiers place the newborn equipment finished its paces, fastening just brief of break the profession into pieces on the ground, they reportable both positive and perverse experiences. "The artefact I am interacting with the profession is incorporating it in the assorted missions we carry daily," said Martin. "It crapper be preventative at nowadays because of subject hiccups. During missions, if the systems fail, it crapper drive the Soldiers to not poverty to ingest it, but this is every a conception of our evaluation." "The newborn profession crapper support downbound the road," additional Spc. Colleen E. Pellish, a organisation cater doc with Forward Support Company, 1st Battalion, 35th Armor Regiment. "Testing it today and lettered the pros and cons crapper support to attain the profession meliorate for ingest in the future, or (lead us to) essay something else." Spc. histrion R. Vitale, a mortarman with 1st Bn., 35th Armor Regt., agreed. "It's pleasant to undergo that we support our brothers and sisters in building by serving dustlike set the newborn and upcoming technology." Michael Tolzmann entireness for the Joint Hometown News Service at Fort Meade, Md. http://www.army.mil/article/71337/De..._century_Army/ apakah negara kita sudah memanfaatkan "teknologi abad 21" ??? Jual Mobil Murah . Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik . Harga Notebook .
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