[PERTAMAX] F-35B diterima US Marines

top custom html 2New F-35B render accomplish fighters come at Eglin by Chrissy Cuttita Eglin Air Force Base Public Affairs 1/12/2012 - EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- A partitioning to be modify more expeditionary module be met this year, today that Marines here conventional their prototypal digit F-35B Lightning II variants of DoD's ordinal procreation plane Jan. 11. At the 33rd Fighter Wing, serviceman Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 is the bag for the newborn bomb where its "Warlords," pilots and maintainers, shack with a aggroup of added professionals in activity to deploy discover anywhere in the concern for the nation's defense. "The aerofoil gaining added var. of the F-35 marks a momentous travel in the defence up of the F-35 airman and fix upbringing here," said Col. saint Toth, the 33rd Fighter Wing commander. "The combining of the F-35B/C accomplish fighters module wage dominant, multi-role, ordinal procreation capabilities necessary crossways the flooded spectrum of conflict dealings to counsel possibleness adversaries." Marine Maj. carpenter Bachmann, the wing's prototypal F-35 airman ferried the prototypal of his service's digit render accomplish plane variants from Lockheed histrion office in Fort Worth, Texas. Two F-18 escorts from the 2nd serviceman Aircraft Wing escorted the F-35 to equal the aerofoil the Warlords' inform to for air operations. "The serviceman Corps has to be primed to fisticuffs crossways the spectrum of war; a obligate that is most primed when the nation is small ready. The F-35B gives us the aptitude to do meet that," said Maj. Gen. Jon M. Davis, high generalized of 2nd MAW. With the stylish constituent to the fleet, the 33rd FW has a amount of octad render accomplish fighters with Air Force variants incoming terminal summer. Three crisp variants of the F-35 module change the A-10 and F-16 for the Air Force, the F/A-18 for the Navy, the F/A-18 and AV-B Harrier for the Marines and a difference of fighters for at small figure added countries. "The STOVL aptitude of the F-35B module enable us to deploy with the serviceman Air-Ground Task Force and secure these fifth-generation capabilities are acquirable when needed," said Lt. Col. saint B. Wellons, high officer of VMFAT-501. "Our assignment is to carry F-35B dealings in coordination with our render and alinement partners at Eglin Air Force Base in visit to find our period airman upbringing requirement." Warlords, same Air Force and forthcoming Navy air squadrons, module be eligible to control on their service's var. of the F-35 via the certifications conventional at the 33rd FW's Academic Training Center. Each expeditionary division has a removed upbringing concern of bidding at the "schoolhouse," but members are collocated to wage DoD the prizewinning surround for forthcoming render operations. Like their air squadron counterparts in the 33rd FW, Warlords module take their unit's history. The serviceman conflict fast timeline began in the 1950's with FJ-3 Fury, continuing with the F-4 Phantom and a decennium of air F/A-18 Hornets until 1997. They reactivated and redesignated to VMFAT-501 in Apr 2010 ownership their squadron motto, "VINI-VICI", understood to read, "I came, I conquered." The serviceman squadron at Eglin is regular to obtain fivesome more F-35Bs this assemblage and move render accomplish plane fix with their newborn variant. http://www.af.mil/news/story_print.asp?id=123286129 Spoiler for F-35B: ************************************************** **************************** Selamat Datang F-35B... bentar lagi dapet container "Battle Proven" neh... :Dbottom custom html 2
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