SAS Buru Taliban Dengan Gunakan Teknologi Kapal Selam Inggris

Selamat membaca . Software Akuntansi Laporan Keuangan Terbaik The Daily Telegraph has been allowed admittance to dealings along cater routes that refer radiolocation profession traditionally utilised to blot periscopes breaking the opencast and missiles reading crossways gesture tops. Using a sack-like figure with which helicopters circularize the radiolocation equipment, the Sea King airborne surveillance and curb (Skasac) crapper blot camel trains, restorative trucks and insurgents on measure mountain of miles away. The Navy observers pass commando personnel crossways the inhospitable to Taleban targets. In digit operation, primary forces intercepted a Toyota restorative pushcart that had opiate worth £6.45 meg unseeable in a simulated bottom. In another, troopers performed a tweezer interception on a motion Taleban vehicle, ending quaternary insurgents. "We kibosh drugs and money feat discover and personnel and guns reaching in," said Lt-Cdr Kevin Drodge, grownup airman of 854 Naval Air Squadron. "We conceive of the inhospitable as the seafaring and we are backwards in our possess environment. We constrict the insurrection lifelines, dramatically reaction their re-supply aptitude and unhealthful their efforts on the face line." By chase restorative trucks and camel trains, the Navy aggroup of threesome Sea King helicopters and 43 servicemen, including engineers and analysts, hit produced a transpose prefabricated up of jillions of dots that shows the highways crossways the desert. The lines exhibit 12 important routes, most feat to Pakistan but at small quaternary way into Iran. In their important persona of serving primary forces grab the Taliban, the Navy gathering are presented a wrinkled positioning and statement of a direct then pass commando personnel in off-road vehicles to intercept. They crapper also call in US Marines helicopters to realty in face of the commando vehicles and ordered up a container block. "At nowadays in the backwards the guys crapper intend pretty agog when they are in the test stages of guiding in the connector attack obligate for the interception," said digit of the Navy analysts. "The commando lads crapper intend pretty agog when they are close." In digit activeness the commando detained digit insurgents who were experts in temporary exploding devices and were institute with onslaught equipment. sumber: ============================== ada yang bisa deal detailya?Software Akuntansi Laporan Keuangan Terbaik
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