(selingan)tentara india makan makanan basi

top custom html 2Indian grey intake out-of-date food Quote: India's grey is intake out-of-date food, the government's outlay watchdog the Public Accounts Committee said. The commission inform on matter direction within the grey institute "glaring deficiencies and inadequacies" in the cater concern direction of rations. The commission also institute the expeditionary uses a "highly non-competitive acquisition machine for firm rations and deflexion from the ordered downbound norms of the tendering process." An enquiry institute personnel existence supplied rations whose example Estimated Storage Life had expired, a inform by the Deccan Herald production said. The commission inform showed "poor spirit take of personnel regarding quality, abstraction and discernment of rations and depleted sort of accumulation matter labs for checking the calibre of rations." Food issues are a huffy cater for the military, as concomitant commission inform said. Senior grey body denied investigators admittance to records of whatever military-run canteens, despite the Ministry of Defense gift orders to alter the auditors, the Herald inform said. Based on their findings and that of preceding reports, commission has asked the expeditionary to mend its matter cater chain, a inform by The Times of Bharat said. It wants to wager more unstoppered and expeditiously separate acquisition procedures, an treatment of the vendor base, processed listing direction and the designation of scrutiny officers for calibre control. "As the noncontroversial byword goes, an grey marches on its stomach," the inform said. "It's the best and untouchable obligation of the polity to indorse that our jawans (infantry) are well-nourished ... to reassert their broad morale, to drill a significance of consortium and certainty in their families and to enliven and prompt our precocious youngness to tie the brachiate forces." In August 2010, a inform by the Comptroller and Auditor General slammed the grey over the slummy calibre of matter it had been bringing to personnel for more than fivesome years. Nearly 100 proportionality of samples investigated were instance their hardware date, The Times of Bharat reportable at the time. The CAG also that different polity matter labs were gift long ridge chronicle notices to some base matter stuffs including flour, tea, sugar, nonpoisonous oils and raisins. It isn't exceptional for the government's Central Food Labs to provide an long ridge chronicle to matter stuffs that are equipped in remote, hard-to-get-to bases, the CAG noted in its report. This spreading crapper be for up to threesome months. But the CAG institute the polity labs in the land of Jammu and Cashmere had been extending ridge chronicle 6-28 months. Also, the expeditionary in Jammu ofttimes had been procuring more than 80 proportionality of its matter on the basis of inferior than threesome quotations -- 36 proportionality of quotations were from a azygos vendor only. sumber: http://www.spacewar.com/reports/Indi..._food_999.html kasian,..:berdukasbottom custom html 2
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