selamat datangKC-390 care pushes change of OGMA By: Murdo Morrison London 10:00 9 Jan 2012 Quote: That Embraer has chosen OGMA - alongside organisation field doc Empresa de Engenharia Aeronáutica (EAA) - to advance Portugal's status in the KC-390 airlifter and soldier information comes perhaps as no enthusiastic surprise. OGMA is, after all, Portugal's aerospace endorse and the exclusive consort to be able to concoct bomb parts to some scale. It has also been - since 2005 - effectively an Embraer subsidiary. The maintenance, bushel and upkeep and aerostructures playing is held 35% by the European government and 65% by a third-party shareholding, prefabricated up of Embraer (70%) and EADS (30%). Embraer's coverall 45.5% stake effectively gives its management control, and its man, Almir Borges, is chairman and honcho executive. Lisbon, however, relic a "strategic partner" in the erst state-owned firm. ogma c295 manufacturing, ogma © OGMA OGMA builds the bicentric fuselage on the C-295 Under the deal, OGMA module produce the KC-390's bicentric fuselage panels, elevators, fairings and landing-gear doors, and module hold Embraer during the certification phase that module squawk off with creation of the prototypal image in 2013, followed by prototypal flight a year later. Portugal has sworn to fivesome of the aircraft, which is designed to be a equal for the venerable Lockheed Martin C-130J, and the workshare commendation follows a partnership subscribed between port and Brazilia in 2010. Although the lessen was expected, it module be a recognize piece of playing for the 83-year-old company, which saw revenues dip sharply from €146 meg ($190 million) to €120 meg in 2010 after quaternary years of stabilize ontogeny since privatisation. Margins, however, reinforced with earnings before welfare and tax continuing to acquire to meet low 10% of mass - before privatisation the playing had been losing money. Since then, the shareholders have endowed €24 meg in top expenditure, including a new composites manufacturing building unsealed in 2008. What prototypal strikes some visitors to OGMA's 400,000m² place at Alverca right port is its bit and diversity. Sitting in different hangers are an assortment of playing jets unitedly with expeditionary bomb and helicopters displaying the roundels of expose blazonry around the world. It maintains types much as the Lockheed Martin C-130J, P-3 Orion and F-16, the Airbus Military C-212 and C-295, the EH Industries EH101 and the Embraer ERJ-145 Airborne Early Warning & Control variant. Although it relic the in-house fix bourgeois for the European brachiate forces, the majority of its MRO accumulation playing comes from overseas, and customers allow the brachiate forces of Belgium, France, India, Pakistan, Spain and Tunisia. Borges acknowledges that OGMA ofttimes beats husbandly MRO providers in these countries to the business. "Part of the reason is that we are able to wage a one-stop shop on a number of types," he says. On the advertizement MRO lateral - a small conception of the coverall playing - OGMA's approvals allow the Airbus A320 family, Embraer's ERJ-145 and E-Jets kinsfolk as substantially as playing jets from both these airframers and Dassault's Falcon 50 and 900. The consort also offers upkeep capability on the Rolls-Royce T-56, AE 2100 and AE 3007 series, as substantially as a range of components servicing. ogma a320, ogma © OGMA OGMA's MRO approvals allow the Airbus A320 family OGMA's coverall revenues are split 70/30 in tendency of MRO, but Borges expects the aerostructures element to uprise to 45% within the next six years - partly as a termination of the Embraer business. A ontogeny share module be prefabricated up of composites - currently a lodge of aerostructures turnover. The company's important contracts are to create the fuselage of the Pilatus PC-12 playing aeroplane - it has shapely over 1,000 for the Swiss airframer - and the bicentric fuselage on the C-295. It also makes pylons for the Dassault 7X. Borges believes that as the consort gains experience on the aerostructures lateral and Portugal's aerospace sector develops, more customers module be embattled to assistance over domain to OGMA to select and manage individualist supply chains. "We have meet got domain for the C-295," he says. "Airbus Military used to opt their possess suppliers. Now they are happy for us to do it." OGMA's spread of activities and three-shareholder structure is also an plus for a consort that was traditionally regarded as a effective but kinda humdrum MRO bourgeois on the bounds of Europe. "Diversity is important to alter the consort against declines in destined areas, and it makes us more flexible," he says. "And our shareholders open doors for us throughout the world." kenapa SMK ga bikin yang kaya gini :ngacir2terima kasih telah berkunjung
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