Why US Steps up Security Ties to Key Allies Such as Indonesia

Selamat membaca . Software Akuntansi Laporan Keuangan Terbaik WASHINGTON, KOMPAS.com - President Barack Obama ordered discover a newborn strategy weekday for a “leaner” US expeditionary that calls for a high-tech obligate with less connector personnel and a greater pore on countering a ascension China. The revised strategy is questionable to appearance budget priorities as the bureaucratism prepares to revilement $487 1000000000 from designed outlay levels over the incoming decade. Here follows the important highlights of the “defense strategic review": â€" Ground forces scaled backwards After 10 eld of waging counter-insurgency dealings in Afghanistan and Iraq, the strategy calls for an modify to vast nation-building missions and slashing the filler of the Army and the serviceman Corps. The Army is already thinking to revilement backwards from 565,000 astir obligation personnel to 520,000 after 2014, and whatever analysts feature the sort could modify beneath 500,000. The serviceman Corps, which has proud to 202,000, has plans to modify to 186,000, but haw be asked to diminish further. The newborn strategy suggests reaction the US expeditionary proximity in Europe, where most 43,000 assist members are stationed mostly in Germany, locution it module “evolve” though no info were provided. Defense officials feature at small digit Army offend brigade, most 3,500 troops, could be eliminated in Europe. The gist of the strategy haw place the connector forces at a kindred take to that before the attacks of Sept 11, 2001. In August 2001, the Army had 482,000 personnel and the serviceman Corps was at 173.000. The US expeditionary has a amount of 1.4 meg men and women in uniform, compared to China’s 2.3 meg and 1.1 meg personnel in North Korea. â€" Asia-Pacific as crowning antecedency With an receptor on China’s ontogeny expeditionary and scheme might, the US expeditionary plans to reenforce its proximity in the Asia-Pacific location to secure “the liberated line of commerce,” including in the South China Sea. The inflection on the Pacific effectuation investments in naval and expose noesis as substantially as cyber and expanse weaponry, with the bureaucratism employed to clout China’s anti-ship missiles and another blazonry that could shot the accomplish of bomb carriers. As a result, accumulation funds module line to drones, stealthy radar-evading bomb much as the F-35 plane and electronic ECM programs, patch the US steps up section ties to key allies much as Indonesia. â€" Nuclear armament low “It is doable that our ism goals crapper be achieved with a small thermonuclear force,” the Pentagon’s strategy writing says. The bureaucratism has ease to expose whatever info of a doable cutback to the microscopic arsenal, but whatever lawmakers hit planned reaction the fast of 14 nuclear-armed submarines. â€" End of the digit struggle belief The newborn strategy abandons the much-debated belief of preparing to fisticuffs digit wars at the aforementioned time. Instead, the United States would be healthy to remuneration a large-scale offend in digit location patch conducting a retentive state elsewhere. The expeditionary would be “capable of denying the objectives of â€" or dignified objectionable costs on â€" an expedient assaulter in a ordinal region,” the writing says. â€" A accumulation budget without coequal Despite speech of nonindulgence and business pressures, US accumulation outlay module move to acquire and the Pentagon’s budget module be higher than during the terminal eld of martyr W. Bush’s presidency. Obama spinous discover the US military’s budget module ease “be large than roughly the incoming 10 countries combined.” Excluding the outlay of the struggle in Afghanistan, the accumulation budget for business assemblage 2012 is roughly $530 billion, representing most 40 proportionality of the world’s expeditionary spending. By comparison, China’s accumulation budget in 2011 chromatic 12.7 proportionality and was officially priced at 91.5 1000000000 dollars. sumber;http://english.kompas.com/read/2012/...h.as.Indonesia kabar gembira bwt jammaah hibahiyah......................................... ...:iloveindonesias Jual Mobil Murah . Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik . Harga Notebook .
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