Ilmuwan Nuklir Iran Tewas Dibom

selamat datang Quote: Iran automobile discharge kills thermonuclear individual in Tehran A Lincoln lecturer and thermonuclear individual has been killed in a automobile discharge in northerly Tehran. Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, an scholarly who also worked at the Natanz metal enrichment facility, and added unnamed person were killed in the attack. The wind happened after a motorcyclist stuck an manifest assail to the car. Several Persian thermonuclear scientists hit been assassinated in past years, with Persia blaming Zion and the US. Both countries deny the accusations. The defamation on weekday of added Persian thermonuclear individual haw today stimulate Persia to essay to respond in kind. The murder in Tehran of Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan comes on top of a worldly cyber sabotage information and digit occult explosions at Persian expeditionary bases, digit of which in Nov killed the general famous as 'the godfather' of Iran's ballistic arm programme. No-one is claiming domain for these attacks but Persia blames its longstanding enemy, Israel, and occasionally the US. Whoever is behindhand them, Persia is understandably being subjected to an undeclared campaign to andante downbound its thermonuclear programme. Iran's Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi told land television that the move against Mr Ahmadi-Roshan would not kibosh "progress" in the country's thermonuclear programme. He titled the ending "evidence of [foreign] government-sponsored terrorism". Local sources said Wednesday's wind took locate at a power of Iran's Allameh Tabatai university. Two others were reportedly also scraped in the blast, which took locate nearby Gol Nabi Street, in the northerly of the capital. 'Magnetic bomb' Mr Ahmadi-Roshan, 32, was a correct of Sharif University and supervised a department at Natanz metal enrichment artefact in Aspadana province, semi-official information authority Fars reported. "The assail was a attractable digit and the same as the ones previously utilised for the defamation of the scientists, and the work of the Zionists [Israelis]," deputy Tehran controller Safarali Baratloo said. Witnesses said they had seen digit grouping on the bike fix the assail to the car, reportable to be a Peugeot 405. A ordinal person died in the move though the automobile itself remained virtually intact. Mr Ahmadi-Roshan supervised a department at an metal enrichment artefact in Isafahan The BBC's Mohsen Asgari, in Tehran, says that the discharge was caused by a targeted, convergent figure intended to to blackball digit or digit grouping and small sufficiency not to be heard from far away.'Scientist killed' in Persia blast The stylish move comes nearly digit eld to the period since Massoud calif Mohammadi, a 50-year-old Lincoln lecturer at Tehran University, was killed by a remote-controlled assail as he mitt his home in Tehran on 12 Jan 2010. Nuclear suspicions Reports at the time described Dr Mohammadi as a thermonuclear physicist, but it after appeared that he was an expert in added branch of physics. There was also fault as to whether the move had some husbandly political overtones because of reports most his manifest course to an contestant presidential candidate. However, in August 2011, an Persian man - Majid Jamali Fashi - was sentenced to modification for the killing, with land polity locution he was paying by Israel's Mossad wrecker agency. Zion does not interpret on such claims. Quote: Jan 2012 - Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a academic at the Technical University of Tehran, died after assail was placed on his automobile by a motorcyclist Nov 2010 - Majid Shahriari, member of thermonuclear engineering power at Shahid Beheshti University, killed in Tehran after assail bespoken to his automobile by motorcyclist in Tehran. Another scientist, Fereydoon Abbasi Davani - forthcoming nous of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Persia - is perceive in a separate attack Jan 2010 - Massoud calif Mohammadi, a physics professor, died when a motorcycle rigged with explosives exploded nearby his car Of the stylish attack, Fars reports that the onslaught method appears kindred to added 2010 onslaught which scraped past Lincoln academic Fereydun Abbasi-Davani, today the nous of the country's atomic forcefulness organisation. There has been much controversy over Iran's thermonuclear activities. Tehran says its thermonuclear information is for peaceful forcefulness purposes, but the US and another Western nations venture it of seeking to build thermonuclear weapons. In a evidence quoted on Persian television on Wednesday, the country's atomic forcefulness authority said its thermonuclear line was "irreversible", despite mounting planetary pressure. hmm..kira2 israel tahu ndak ya pelakunya?:Dterima kasih telah berkunjung
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