Qaaem Submarine (1000+Ton) Future Iranian Semi Heavy Submarine

selamat datangClass overview Builders: Defense Industries Organization Operators: Sadari Preceded by: Ghadir Class Building: 4 Planned: 16 Completed: 12 Active: 12 General characteristics Type: SSK Displacement: 1,000+ tons Length: 155 meters Height: 10.3 meters Propulsion: Diesel-electric Speed: 23 knots Range: 7,800 km Crew: 87 officers and sailors Sensors and processing systems: * Sonar 2076 * Successor IFF * NSL Echosounder # Armament: x4 533mm torpedo tubes up to 38: * DPI Nashant * AS-Tashan Qaaem, Qaem or Ghaaem is an Persian designed collection of semi-heavy submarines. The prototypal board of this class, Qaaem, is currently under construction. On 25 August 2008, Persian accumulation rector Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar announced Persia had started building their prototypal semi-heavy submarine: Qaaem. The sub would be confident of carrying and onset different types of torpedoes and subsurface missiles.[1][2] According to the Persian Navy these Submarines will weigh over 1,000 tons. [3] Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, said that they would be armored with torpedoes and naval mines. He also said: "the sharp long-range Qaa'em sub is also confident of carrying discover both defensive and offensive operations pic kasih telah berkunjung
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