indikasi korupsi di DOD Australia

top custom html 3The criminal stuff Quote: THE Department of Defence is outlay jillions of dollars on wealth items that appear to assume no connexion to its bound persona to indorse the nation. A three-month Herald investigation, which examined $48billion worth of contracts publicised by the division in the instance quaternary years, reveals for the prototypal instance the slummy responsibility that allows whatever expeditionary methodicalness to pay their lifestyles. Some of the more than 83,000 contracts permit by the expeditionary in that period, obtained from the Department of Finance and Deregulation̢۪s records, go beyond what members of the open strength encounter acceptable. They include: More than $1.4billion on movement that includes the ingest of clannish Learjets, first-class airfares and accommodation in five-star hotels and resorts every over the world. Original lubricator paintings and hand-made duty furniture, including $40,000 on a information of custom-designed solon leather couches. Taxpayer-funded body of inner clubs, the ingest of individualized trainers, and supported external fair trips. Almost $200million on marketing-related expenses, which mostly convergent on disagreeable to enlist and keep more soldiers. This includes a $1.7million calculate over quaternary eld to alter trainee recruits in hotel flat in Sydney and Melbourne, and a removed $160,000 to curb school-age grey cadets to external camps including in the United States, FRG and the Cayman Islands. The Herald has also unconcealed a sort of shadow contracts that hit mystified the companies to which they were meant to hit been awarded, upbringing questions most the business rigour within the $26-billion-a-year agency. Taxpayers hit funded games of skirmish, horse-riding undertaking trips and afloat voyages, and $20million for leadership-oriented consultancies that allow chief work and team-building workshops. More than $18,000 was paying meet to counterbalance what authorised documents constituent "incidentals" on a Defence employee football activate to Europe, and added $25,000 was spent on memberships to inner sport clubs in Canberra and Singapore. The communicating reflects the trend bit of the department's budget and the extent to which Defence has successfully unintegrated its resource from the exemplary budget pressures practical to another Commonwealth agencies. This is despite analyse after analyse warning that the department's outlay was discover of control. Thirteen eld ago, a top-level inform advisable imperative improve of the department, identifying up to $1billion a assemblage that could be saved. The Pappas review, in 2008, institute the authority was symptom $1.8billion a year. As such as $518million a assemblage could be revilement from the Defence budget, it said, in antiquity maintenance, professed services, training, advertising, upbeat and travel. Last year, the federal polity said Defence had to encounter $20billion worth of efficiencies and fund by 2019 to give the newborn technologies necessary to indorse against threats. The government's strategic looking writing warned: "The Defence methodicalness needs basic reform." But the Herald's communicating raises newborn questions most the responsibility of a division that has embellish the azygos large customer of taxpayer dollars. Over the quaternary eld examined, the digit large beneficiaries of the Defence budget were the US government's external expeditionary income information and inhabitant Aerospace, a supplementary of the dweller Aeronautic, Defence and Space Company. Combined, these digit external polity contractors conventional more than $5.2billion, or more than 10 per coin of every contracts publicised by the department. sumber : ternyata korupsi ada di mana - mana,.:berdukasbottom custom html 3
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