[NEWS] Merkava MK4 mesinnya error

selamat datengEngine Failure on Merkava MK4 Main Battle Tank IsrealDefense has scholarly that conception of the jock fit sectionalization has been unfit cod to engine problems. First Report As of today, the force does not possess whatever employed engines for their newborn Merkava 4 tanks. After finance zillions in imperfect engines prefabricated by the Teutonic MTU company, the force endowed more money in the consort for newborn engines cod to come in 2013. Military officials said that cod to the engine problems, tanks already in the earth would not move to movement as originally planned. In addition, mountain of unserviceable engines are inactivity for bushel in the IDF’s rehabilitation and fix center, patch modify more tanks move to listing soured the manufacturing line. As a result, the IDF’s jock sectionalization of tanks, imperturbable mainly of Merkava 4s, is inoperable. Although whatever Merkava tanks circularize engines manufactured by the dweller L3 company, whose toll is estimated at a ordinal of the Teutonic engines, and are without whatever problems (though the dweller engines hit a restricted 12 equid noesis engine), the MoD and force purchased an added 200 units of the German-manufactured 1500 equid noesis engine at a outlay of $800 cardinal per engine. Defense officials told IsraelDefense that beyond the broad outlay of the engines, the fix of the Teutonic engine is also substantially high. With the newborn purchased engines cod to come in Zion in 2013, in the meantime, there are no installable engines for the unfit tanks or the newborn manufactured tanks. Commenting on the issue, the Ministry of Defense and force Spokesperson Unit said, “The Merkava Mark 4 was installed with a newborn engine, which in its initial years, suffered primeval problems cod to planning. However, in the current manufacturing process, those problems were addressed, solved, and successfully proven in the Second Lebanon War and in Operation Cast Lead. Since 2009, whatever of the engines underwent a impact of improvement from dress and tear, upgrades, and another problems that arose. It should be stressed that the upgraded engines passed a program of tests and effective experience. The MoD fresh subscribed a lessen to acquire newborn engines to be installed in newborn tanks, and in these engines, the solutions institute for preceding problems are existence implemented.” http://www.israeldefense.com/?Catego...&ArticleID=756 ************************************************** ************* Bisa rusak juga ya cell caretaker :o ada yg mau dihibahin ke mari gak ya? :Dterima kasih
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